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Welcome to Hijamamarket, where warmth and excellence infuse every cup! We're thrilled to be your premier destination for high-quality hijama/cupping cups & equipment and also cosmetics meticulously crafted to enhance your therapeutic journey.

Here at Hijamamarket, we're not just about providing products; we're about curating experiences. Our carefully selected range of premium cups blends the rich tapestry of tradition with the vibrant hues of innovation, ensuring that every cup embodies a story of healing and evolution.

Since our humble beginnings in Turkey back in 2012, we've grown to become a beacon of reliability and trust, proudly serving as one of the leading suppliers of Hijama/Cupping Therapy Cups, pumps, accessories, and consumables to clinics not only in the UK but also across the globe, including our cherished partners in the cosmetic sector.

With over a decade of shared experiences and a team fueled by passion and innovation, we find immense joy in delivering nothing short of excellence to our cherished customers.

Crafted with precision and imbued with care, our cups promise durability, safety, and the transformative power of therapeutic benefits for practitioners and enthusiasts alike. And because we believe that quality shouldn't come at a premium, we're committed to offering our premium cupping cups at the most affordable prices, ensuring accessibility without compromise.

Sourced and produced in Turkey, our top-tier cupping cups and pumps adhere rigorously to hygiene and global standards, reassuring you that each cup is a testament to unparalleled quality, free from any concerns of leakage.

Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to expand your toolkit or dipping your toes into the world of cupping therapy for the very first time, know that Hijamamarket is more than just a supplier; we're your trusted companion on this journey of discovery and healing. Welcome to the Hijamamarket family, where every cup is infused with care, passion, and a touch of warmth

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