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Hijama & Cupping Set2-Medium-500 pcs



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Hijama & Cupping Set2-Medium-500 pcs


Product Details

  • Hijama & Cupping Cups
  • Quantity : 500 pcs
  • Material : First Quality Plastic
  • Color : Transparent
  • Origin : Made in Turkey
  • Skin friendly
  • Strong vacuum creation

Please enter quantity of cups that you want for each size. In totaly should be 500 cups.

In stock

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How to Use

  • Simple to use, place cup and use hand pump to create required pressure. Release the valve and remove cup

Benefits of Hijama and Cupping Therapy

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Faster pain relief
  • Get rid of cyronic fatigue syndrome
  • Keeping the skin healthy
  • A way of relaxation
  • Faster healing
  • The inner disease can be remove outside, the curative effect is very good


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