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Hijama Equipments

Cupping is an alternative medicine treatment method, so it has its unique equipment. This equipment, which will improve the patient's body and open the door to a healthier life, is also important for professionals who practice cupping treatment. Because choosing the right equipment allows you to achieve more successful results. Let's take a closer look at the materials used during cupping, which integrate health and relaxation into life!

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Sterile Scalpel Blades

Sterile scalpel blades, which are often used in surgeries, are ideal for cutting human skin. Sterile scalpel blades are used for small cuts that occur during cupping. This equipment, which does not cause injuries, makes it possible to make cuts of sufficient depth for blood to flow.

It is important to use these blades correctly during cupping. Because the spread of infectious diseases is possible when different blades are not used for each patient. For this reason, it will be raised that cupping treatment has a negative result for people. Cupping treatment can be completed successfully thanks to disposable sterile scalpel blades.

Cupping Vacuum Pump

The cupping vacuum pump is one of the cupping equipment used simultaneously with cups. The pump allows the air remaining in the cups to be discharged for the cup placed on the body to collect the blood better. In this way, the swollen skin accelerates the blood flow and cupping application is successful.

The cupping vacuum pump has different characteristics, large and small. However, this does not cause any difference in the technical sense. You should know that whether the pump is large or small will only cause convenience/difficulty during use.

Hijama Pen – Blood Lancet

Hijama Pen – Blood Lancet is preferred to achieve success in cupping operations. The goal is both to come up with a professional solution and to shorten the operation process. It is very important for professional cupping treatments. It is an ideal product for the demand for cupping treatment, which has been increasing recently.

Prices for Cupping Equipment

Cupping equipment is the product that almost everyone who provides cupping-related services needs all the time. For this reason, you should be careful about the reasonable price when buying cupping equipment. We do not compromise on quality in all the products we offer to you. Moreover, we also aim to ensure that all equipment prices are at an affordable level.

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