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Hijama & Cupping Sets

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Cupping Cups

Dozens of cups that you will use to treat cupping are yours in a single set. The most important advantages of cupping cups are that it provides affordable prices and you don't need to pay extra shipping fees. Therefore, you should know that you will get important privileges from each other when buying cupping sets. You can get more successful results by choosing the one that suits you best from among the sets containing a different number of cups. We recommend buying cupping sets, especially if you don't want to order cups often.

Sterile Scalpel Blades

When you buy cupping sets, you can not only meet your cups but also your Sterile Scalpel Blades needs perfectly. In this way, you can grab affordable prices privileges and make a purchase that suits you. Using hygienic and disposable scalpel blades for each of your patients will bring real advantages to the agenda. Thus, you can get the advantage of buying cupping sets.

Cupping Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is not disposable compared to other cupping materials. Cupping vacuum pump, which is a long-lasting and durable product, is sold as 1 piece in each set. If you need more related to this product, you can choose to buy an extra pump. The vacuum pump must be resistant to breakages.

Hijama & Cupping Sets Prices

The most important advantage when you want to buy cupping sets is the prices. Because it is possible to get the advantage of bulk shopping by purchasing dozens of each product. If you are also providing services in cupping treatment, you should use this advantage!

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