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Hijama & Cupping Cups

Cupping cups, which are preferred because small cuts are formed on the body during Cupping, should have some important features. Otherwise, alternative medicine treatment will be unlikely to achieve its goal. Therefore, when choosing hijama cups, you should pay attention to hygiene and quality. According to the research conducted on this subject, polycarbonate plastic cups are right choice for hijama & cupping therapy.

Polycarbonate plastic cups, which collect and remove blood containing bad elements from the body, are very preferred due to their hygiene. Moreover, these products do not cause any harm to the environment. As for disposable hijama cups, if your choice is polycarbonate plastic, you should make sure that you can get the most accurate results.

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Hijama & Cupping Cups

Cupping is an alternative medicine treatment that has been preferred since ancient times. This application, which allows you to remove dirty blood from the human body, provides advantages in pain, inflammation, blood flow, and relaxation. Various equipment is needed for cupping treatment, which can be preferred by anyone who does not have a very serious health problem. The most important of these types of equipment are hijama & cupping cups.

Cupping cups, which allow the accumulation of blood containing bad elements and their removal from the body, can be designed from different materials. Therefore, the main thing is to choose the right equipment. A correct alternative treatment application is possible thanks to hijama cups made of glass, silicone, polycarbonate plastic, earthenware, and bamboo.

Different Types of Cupping Cups

The cupping cups used during the Cupping are different in terms of their sizes and shapes, as well as their raw materials. The most important aspect in the emergence of this difference is the people to whom the application of Cupping will be made. If there is a presence of blood containing a lot of toxic substances, large cupping cups are preferred. But otherwise, it is more correct to use small cups. Besides the area where the cupping will be applied is also very important.

Prices for Hijama Cups

If you are going to buy hijama cups, you should not ignore that prices are very important. Because cups constitute the biggest costs during Cupping treatment. Considering that 10 cups are used for the average person, you should not shop without evaluating the prices. You can find out the most suitable cups prices by contacting us.

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